The association Afschrift & Glineur

The association Afschrift & Glineur is not only an association of high level lawyers united under the names of two well-known university professors of tax law whose writings and speeches have significantly changed the tax laws of our country.

Thierry Afschrift and Pol Glineur have a long history of friendship that goes back to 1971, their first year studying at the Free University of Brussels (ULB).

Members of the informal “Brussels School”, Thierry Afschrift and Pol Glineur, very soon adopted – under the supervision of their pupil master and university tax professor- strict methods of interpretation and an identical rigour in the analysis of facts and fiscal texts. This is completed by a very deep understanding of international, commercial and civil law, accounting law, and also certain particular or specialised areas of law. They have transmitted these methods and rigour to their assistants and partners.


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