Tax litigation.

We assist our clients in tax controls, administrative appeals and before all national courts, including the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court and the Council of State, and international jurisdictions (Luxembourg, Strasbourg, OECD Bilateral Treaty, Conciliation committees).  In particular: - We help our clients in responding to requests for information. We prepare rectification notices and draft appeals against tax assessments raised against our clients. - We seek agreement with the tax authorities when the situation allows;- We file tax appeals before the first instance Courts, and also on appeal and on « cassation »;- We assist our clients throughout the judicial proceedings:- We make “Ruling” requests to the Rulings Service;- We track the progress of files through all stages of the procedure, etc..We always evaluate the chances of success in a dispute. We consider the serious legal arguments that could be invoked in the case, the state of the judicial and administrative “case law”, the most authoritative doctrine or generally accepted, and our renowned expertise.In tax matters, arbitration is excluded between taxpayers and taxing authorities. However, we accept to be arbitrators or mediators in conflicts, resulting from unforeseen tax between partners, between pensioners and pension organisations or between a company and its employees or directors, etc..